Episode 5 – Sleepless & Eyelid-less



Episode 5:

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy – plenty of exciting speculation around Moon Knight potentially entering the Netflix Marvel Universe (finally!) High Priests Connor and Rey discuss the exciting news which came from what to expect in the upcoming Punisher TV show – fingers crossed it’s for our boy, MK!

We wrap up the first tremendous arc by Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood in issue #5 of “Moon Knight” (Vol. 8) as well as revisit a classic with Vol. 1 issue #12 – “The Nightmare of Morpheus”.

Speaking of which, a new segment, “Character Spotlight” kicks off with an in-depth review of Morpheus the villian – get to know the history, powers and relevance that Morpheus has for Moon Knight as well as the rest of the Marvel Universe. It’s all here in this one episode – grab some moonshine and get ya false idols out, because it’s Moon Knight all the way, baby!

The Bare Bones:

Lemire’s Moon Knight, issue #5 – “ Welcome to New Egypt: Part 5 of 5”

Stopped at the entrance to the mysterious pyramid by what appears to be himself, Mr. Knight attacks the classic costumed Moon Knight after Marlene is coaxed to follow the mysterious imposter.

Mr. Knight manages to stab Moon Knight but is quickly countered and Mr. Knight can’t help as Marlene is whisked away.

Mr. Knight follows the trail of blood but what follows is not what he expects at all.

Deep in the pyramid, Mr. Knight arrives at a tomb door where the trail stops but as he enters, his world changes.

Finding himself no longer Mr. Knight and in the pyramid ,but in fact on the moon, Marc Spector has to immediately escape from the sounds of growls and space wolves which lead him through another doorway.

Beyond this, he comes out the other side as Steven Grant and now on set of some production, with Marlene surprisingly there to greet him. The reunion is short lived however, as the familiar faces of Billy and Bobby (the hospital wardens) attack Steven, forcing him through yet another door.

Again, his world is upended and we now see Jake Lockley on the seedy streets of New York, late night

no doubt, and in a far less salubrious part of town. Despite the different world, Billy and Bobby pop up again to cause grief but Jake manages to elude them once again via a third doorway.

Reality returns to Mr. Knight and he is once again confronted by the Classic Moon Knight visage and the creature underneath the mask. It is Khonshu, and the deity’s plan of wanting to possess Marc (both mentally and physically) are revealed.

Marc Spector refuses, and to escape it looks as though he would prefer death over submission. He flees out of the pyramid and wilfully leaps to his death, after which there is only darkness.

Marc finds himself abruptly awake and as Steven Grant in his bed.

Marlene is there to wish him a good morning and as Steven Grant looks over the New York skyline. He can’t help but shed a tear of joy at what he finally considers for himself, some inner peace.

Moon Knight, Vol. 1 issue #12 –  “ The Nightmare of Morpheus”

Dr. Peter Alraune (Marlene’s brother) ponders over the guilt he bears for his patient, Robert Markham, who has gone horribly astray.

Just as he decides to report Markham to the police over the phone as missing, an intruder breaks in and reveals himself to be Markham himself, though now totally crazed and disfigured.

With mysterious dark powers, Markham (calling himself Morpheus after the Greek god) assaults Alraune but before he is able to finish the job, the police arrive and Morpheus flees into the night.

Marlene hears news of her brother now in hospital and pleads to Steven Grant to accompany her to see him. Peter slips in and out of consciousness but sadly as Marlene and Steven arrive, he falls into a coma.

It’s not long during their visit that Morpheus returns to presumably finish what he started, and as he attacks the hospital police guards, Moon Knight springs into action!

Morpheus proves, however, too much for Moon Knight to handle, and he makes short work of Moon Knight using his versatile ebon energy.

Moon Knight licks his wounds and returns to the scene of the crime (Peter Alraune’s office) to try and dig up information on Morpheus.

He is greeted by detective Flint – a seasoned, weary D.I who rather than get in Moon Knight’s way, assists him. Flint gives Moon Knight vital information and the thankful White knight leaves the office in search of Morpheus.

Meanwhile, as Morpheus becomes more and more crazed, he decides to rob a bank, which is easily detected by Moon Knight.

The two clash again, and for a second time, Morpheus beats Moon Knight effortlessly.

Moon Knight vows to do better and chases Morpheus into a zoo and after an intense fight where both seem to win at some point, Moon Knight lures Morpheus towards an electric generator.

Feigning injury, Moon Knight tricks Morpheus to shoot at the generator and as Moon Knight had hoped the electricity negates Morpheus’ ebon energy, rendering him powerless and at the mercy of the Fist of Khonshu.

Morpheus is arrested and brought to Seagate prison where he is sedated – effectively keeping Morpheus and his ebon energy under wraps.

Moon Knight forges a friendship with Detective Flint and as the story ends, Peter Alraune wakes from his coma, much to Marlene’s delight.

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