OVER THE MOON Reading Club, no. III: Moon Knight #5 + Moon Knight Vol. 1 #12


Salutations Moonie Loonies,

Wow, the third issue of OVER THE MOON already!

This week as usual, we’ll be continuing the saga that is the Jeff Lemire run, with Moon Knight Vol. 8,  issue #5 (Welcome to New Egypt – Part 5 of 5)! Things just get weirder from here, but it’s a whole lot of fun to go along for the ride!

Connor and I will be introducing our first first Character Spotlight and it will be with Morpheus – that dastardly (yet tragic) villian who was introduced in Volume 1.

To compliment this, the second issue we’ll be looking at in the podcast will be Morpheus’ first appearance in Moon Knight Vol. 1 issue #12 (The Nightmare of Morpheus)  – will be interesting to see how Moonie tackle someone a bit more powerful than your regular street thug!

Please feel free to drop us a line about any of these issues and we’ll be sure to shout it out on the show! You can comment below, or catch us on any of the links below –

Email: moonknightpodcast@gmail.com

Facebook Page: Into the Knight – A Moon Knight Podcast

Facebook Group: Into the Knight – A Moon Knight Fan Base

Twitter: @ITKmoonknight

Big thanks once again for supporting this fan base – be sure to tell your friends or the local Joe on the street about us! We’ll be sure to keep shouting Moon Knight’s good name and look forward to sharing with you all the news, art and stories that deserve to be told!

As always – May Khonshu Protect us from the Denizens of the night,


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