Episode 4 – Crocodile Boys & Billionaires

Episode 4 :

An all new interview with Max Bemis on the upcoming run, November solicitations, Ol’ Sheet Face in the new Bendis Defenders run, high quality figures and Funko Pops?
You better believe it! The Moon Knight news train hasn’t stopped this week, and Rey and Connor buckle in to tackle it all head on!

Plus, the two High Priests of Khonshu return for a review of the 4th issue of Lemire’s most recent run and take a look back at the Silver Avenger’s appearance in Invincible Iron Man #161!
News, reviews, crocodile boys, billionaires and more. It’s been a big week!

The Bare Bones:

Lemire’s Moon Knight, issue #4 – “ Welcome to New Egypt: Part 4 of 5”

As Marc, Gena, Frenchie and Marlene find themselves just outside of the asylum which had held them against their will, the group are confronted with another one of Ammut’s henchmen, Sobek.

Although Gena is mortified by Marc hitting what looks to be a New York cop, Marc continues to attack Sobek and in the fray, Frenchie is fatally wounded. Marc subdues Sobek but it isn’t long before Frenchie dies.

Gena spots her diner through the sandstorm and so the remaining three head there for some respite.

Marc is further plagued by Khonshu’s taunts then both Marc and Gena are shocked at the sight of Marlene conscious and standing.

Gena makes a decision to remain at the diner to wait for her two boys Rick and Ray to return, whilst Marc and Marlene are drawn to investigate the great pyramid currently sitting in the middle of New York City.

Marlene confides in Marc that she retains all her memories of them together in their past life, and the issue ends with yet another twist as Marc is hit by a crescent dart, revealing the classic Moon Knight guarding the entrance to the pyramid and ready for battle.

Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 1 issue #161 –  “ If the Moonman Should Fail”

Tony Stark, Steven Grant and another rich millionaire, Mrs. Sissy Host II are invited to invest in an innovative new initiative, “Project Neptune” – an experimental underwater power generating facility.

It’s not long before AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) hijack Project Neptune for their own nefarious purposes, and the three investors are greeted by the evil organisation as they arrive at the facility.

Steven Grant puts up a valiant fight but is overcome by AIM, and in the confusion Tony Stark manages to slip away and don the Iron Man suit.

As Iron Man prepares to confront AIM, they escape using the facilities escape pods before he has a chance encounter them.

Rigged to repel intruders, Iron Man battles the maintenance robots of the facilities but not before one of the robots rips open an airlock, flooding the room.

As Iron Man is stuck trying to prevent the whole facility flooding, Steven Grant discovers a name of one of the facility designers, Darryl Flowers, who holds the key to accessing the emergency circuits to Project Neptune and to effectively save the day.

Seemingly in an act of selfishness, Steven Grant takes the last escape pod and disappears.

Little do they know that Steven Grant then changes to become Moon Knight and as the White Avenger, he searches for Darryl Flowers to save those trapped in Project Neptune.

After some street level interrogation and conversation with some of his contacts, Moon Knight finds Darryl Flowers and with Darryl on the radio to Project Neptune, Iron Man and the others are able to prevent the facility from flooding completely.

Iron Man quickly then flies to Prince Street (where AIM had mentioned they were headed) and closes the adventure by neatly disabling AIM with good ol’ fisticuffs.

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