OVER THE MOON Reading Club No. 2: Moon Knight #4 + Invincible Iron Man #161

Happy Eclipse Loonies,

Welcome to the second installment of OVER THE MOON!

As mentioned in our latest podcast, next up we’ll be tackling the next issue of Lemire’s great run (Othervoid? Over void?….you say Po-Tay-to, I say Po-Tah-to!) as well as an issue of Invincible Iron Man, issue 161!

I’ve not read the Iron Man issue so am excited for what it has in store for our Moony.

Thanks once again for all your support and passion- please feel free to review and leave comments for these issues and the Conman and I will be sure to shout them out on the show!

Drop your thoughts or comments of these issues either in the comments section of this blog post or on the links below –

Email: moonknightpodcast@gmail.com

Facebook: Into the Knight – A Moon Knight Fan Base

Twitter: @ITKmoonknight

….gah! Can’t remember our sign off!

….er….”May Moon Knight protect you from the Denizens of the night”

… (Connor, I’m hopeless! Lol)



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