OVER THE MOON Reading Club No. 1: Moon Knight #3 + Marvel Fanfare #30

Hello Loony Listeners,

OVER THE MOON is back in a brand new format! What was once a reading club on the Facebook Group Page, OVER THE MOON is now going to be posted for your reading pleasure in anticipation for the weekly podcast, “Into the Knight – A Moon Knight Podcast” hosted by yours truly, and the irrepressible Connor!

So, what is OVER THE MOON exactly?

Glad you asked!

Basically, it’s LIKE a reading club, but only for a couple of comics on a weekly basis. As an eager Moon Knight fan, you’ll then be able to drop in any comments you feel towards the comics of that week – this week, we’ll be continuing our review of the recent Lemire/Smallwood run with issue #3, but we also have a classic Marvel Fanfare #30 for you to get your teeth sunk into!

Drop your thoughts or comments of these issues either in the comments section of this blog post or on the links below –

Email: moonknightpodcast@gmail.com

Facebook: Into the Knight – A Moon Knight Fan Base

Twitter: @ITKmoonknight

Hope to hear from you, and will catch you at the next episode!



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